First step to throw a bat party!

Planning is essential to any successful party.  You can learn from our website about how to have an exciting bat party in just eight simple steps! On this site, we will explain all of the steps in greater detail so that you can throw your very own party.

Step one: Make a date.

Step two: Make a list of invites.

Step three: Make the invitations.

Step four: Get the information

Step five: Decorate your party site.

Step six: Create games.

Step seven: Make food.

Step eight: Have fun at your party!




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  1. Pauline Newma n says:

    It should make for a great party. Are bats invited?

  2. John Paul Jones says:

    Sounds like a fun addition to a back yard cookout!

  3. Liz Klafter says:

    What a great idea! There are bats visible, flying around, in our neighborhood at night in the summer. Throwing a Bat Party would be a great way for the kids to not be afraid of them.

  4. Rachael HS says:

    What a great idea! We put up our bat house this summer but never officially welcomed them to their new home. We still need to throw them a housewarming party!

  5. Barbara Steinmetz says:

    You kids have learned a lot about party planning…..I wish I could get invited. Will you all be hanging upside down? Have fun!
    Aunt Barbara

  6. Aimée Re says:

    Love the idea of a bat-themed party! I think it would be fun for all ages. 🙂

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