Party Food!

Learn how to make delicious, food for your bat party. The more food you have, the more fun it is! Everybody loves food, but we think everyone especially loves party food! Look at the websites below, to learn fun recipes. These recipes are delicious, fun to make, and they also look cool! The point of our Bat Parties are

Mini Bat Treats [the picture on this post]

Bat Cupcakes

Chocolate Bat Biscuit

chocolate coated cake rolls 


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  1. Monica Sageman says:

    Now I know what to make for my Bat Party!! I love chocolatey bat treats. 🙂

  2. John Paul Jones says:

    A bat themed BBQ!

  3. Barbara Steinmetz says:

    The food sounds and looks delicious for Bats and Humans. Maybe we share something in common with bats….we all love food!

    Aunt Barb

  4. debbie says:

    The cake rolls are so cute. May have to bring them for my next holiday party at work.

  5. Ilana says:

    Bat biscuits sound fun. Thanks for the idea.

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