Bat Myths

  • Most Bats have Rabies.  This is a very common misconception about bats, and is not true. Yes, bats are mammals, yes they can get rabies, all mammals can. Bats are not more likely to get rabies than other animals. Actually opossums, and raccoons are much more likely to get rabies than bats. The only scare is that bats fly, so it would appear more frightening, but it is not.
  • Bats Suck Blood.  This is not true.  Most likely no bat you will encounter will be a vampire bat. there are only three species of vampire bats, and they only live in south america. Even these species of bats don’t suck blood, they first carefully bite the animal, and then gently lap it up with their tongues. Vampire bats should not be considered monsters, more like mosquitoes that don’t even bite people.
  • Bats Try to Fly in People’s Hair. Even if a bat flies in your hair, it doesn’t mean to. Bats generally avoid humans, and will most likely NOT fly in your hair. If a bat flies in your hair don’t wiggle it off. It won’t hurt you, but it will get hurt, and scared. Just wait for it to get untangled, and it will probably leave. It almost never happens that a bat will get tangled in someone’s hair, the only reason they would do this is because a human standing nearby would mess up it’s radar, and it will accidentally get stuck.

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  1. Roni says:

    Poodles are awesome

  2. Abba says:

    These myths are good information. I like knowing that bats will not suck my blood.

  3. Fll team says:

    This is great! I feel bad for ever thinking these creatures could harm us.

  4. John Paul Jones says:

    I’ve learned a lot about bats this evening!

  5. Liz Klafter says:

    No matter the facts…I find their faces to be sort of freaky looking. Sorry bats!

  6. debbie says:

    You are helping me get slightly more comfortable about bats. I don’t have to love them though, right. Just not be afraid?

    Question.: how would I safely get a bat out of my house if it came inside?

    1. Fll team says:

      I would call animal control but if you built a bat house it would keep them away from your house.

  7. Barbara Steinmetz says:

    You are gathering a lot of important information.

  8. Barry says:

    Was thinking about getting a bat as a pet. My daughter wants a pig but based on what I have read here I am leaning towards a bat for her. Thanks for the great information.

  9. Fll team says:

    This is great, there are so many bat facts that I have heard that are actually myths!

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